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The Sandberg Series

Based in Amsterdam, The Sandberg Series publishes the research of 'temporary' master programs at the Sandberg Institute.

Radical Cut-Up – Nothing is Original
25 September 2019

Jordan, jordan Édition

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jordan, jordan Édition aims to create books that hopefully appeals to everyone through very specific and reduced topic without any censorship, or government restrictions.

War, Astronaut, Death, Violence, Floating Mountain and Roman Soldiers
30 June 2019

Hesterglock Press

Based in Bristol, Hesterglock Press publishes radical & challenging books, collaborating with other artists and writers on projects that may well make a social/cultural difference or a change.

9 May 2019

Failed States

Based in London, Failed States, is an occasional publication that aims to collate and investigate ideas around place, or more specifically: “indeterminate geographies”.

issue no.1: island
2 April 2019

Four Corners Books

Based in London, Four Corner Books makes art books that have a story to tell, with a special focus on art outside traditional gallery contexts.

See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990
29 March 2019

The Future Publishing

Based in Amsterdam, The Future Publishing uses the definition of ”to publish” as “to make public”, employing printed matter as a medium to communicate ideas in all of its stages.

No Sense of Urgency
23 April 2019


Based in Los Angeles, GRØSS specalizes in the publication of magazines with a focus on Contemporary Art & Creative Industries.

VOL. 3: Creature of Habit
8 January 2019

Jap Sam Books

Based in Heijningen, the Netherlands, Jap Sam Books reflects, connects and responds to developments in the fields such as art, architecture, philosophy, landscape, urbanism, visual culture and design.

The Living Surface
7 January 2019

Lost Alphabet

Based in the United States, with staff and distribution worldwide, this nomadic publishing company is an oasis for the weird, the wacky, the nonconformist and the intellectually poignant.

Sandy Ass Cheerios
6 January 2019


Founded in London by a painter and interdisciplinary artist, Poetic Pastel Press publishes limited editions, artists publications and even a magazine, by its growing circle of friends and peers.

Journal du Thé
8 December 2018

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