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White Fungus

Based in Taichung City, Taiwan, White Fungus is a print magazine and publishing platform.

Issue #16
28 March 2020

Occasional Papers

Based in London, Occasional Papers is 
a non-profit publisher of affordable books devoted to the histories of architecture, art, design, film and literature.

The Natural Enemies of Books: A Messy History of Women in Printing and Typography
14 December 2019

Standards Manual

Based in Brooklyn, Standards Manual archives and preserves artifacts of design history and makes them available to future generations.

NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual
28 November 2019

Four Corners Books

Based in London, Four Corner Books makes art books that have a story to tell, with a special focus on art outside traditional gallery contexts.

See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990
29 March 2019

The Eriskay Connection

Founded in 2011 in Breda, the Netherlands, The Eriskay Connection is a Dutch studio for book design and an independent publisher of art books.

Shaky Ground / Traces of the Great War at the Ypres Salient
21 November 2018

Saqi Books

Founded in 1983 in London, Saqi Books is an independent publishing house of quality general interest and academic books on North Africa and the Middle East.

Elsewhere, Home
12 September 2018

Las Injurias

Based in Valencia, Spain, Las Injurias focuses on aritsts' zines.

Without Permission: Cruise Or Be Cruised
18 June 2018

Glasgow Women's Library

Glasgow Women's Library, established 1991, is a lending library, museum and archive dedicated to women's lives. GWL publishes books informed by its innovative learning and events programme.

14 April 2018

Notting Hill Editions

Based in Kendal, United Kingdom this family-run press is committed to print the work of the most unusual thinkers of our time.

The Foreigner: Two Essays on Exile
11 April 2018

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