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Based in Vienna, Auslöser is a biannual, bilingual indie print magazine that focuses on the human stories behind the camera.

Auslöser Magazine Issue 1
14 April 2019

Dossier Industries

Based in Dallas, Texas, Dossier Industries is an experimental publishing imprint and graphic design studio.

29 March 2019

Your Local Newsstand

Based in Singapore, this independent publishing group specializes in photography zines.

Portraits of People - The Travel Issue
18 January 2019

Lost Alphabet

Based in the United States, with staff and distribution worldwide, this nomadic publishing company is an oasis for the weird, the wacky, the nonconformist and the intellectually poignant.

Sandy Ass Cheerios
6 January 2019

Draw Down Books

Draw Down Books is a designer-run publishing platform based in New Haven, producing 
small and unique books with a focus on graphic design, photography, typography and 

Cleon Peterson
28 December 2018

Snowfox Works

Based in Kojsko, Slovenia, this non-for-profit small independent publishing house focuses on publishing photobooks.

Phantom pain
5 December 2018

Las Injurias

Based in Valencia, Spain, Las Injurias focuses on aritsts' zines.

Without Permission: Cruise Or Be Cruised
18 June 2018

Brown Owl Press

Independent publisher of photo books and zines based in Newcastle, UK.

Old Domino
8 May 2018

Forlaget AFTRYK

An art-centric publishing house based in Copenhagen with a focus on the Scandinavian scene.

Eistrup Fragmentarium
8 April 2018

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