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MARCH: a journal of art & strategy

Based in St. Louis and Berlin, MARCH is a journal of art & strategy that embraces publishing as an act of protest.

MARCH 02: Black Ecologies
19 November 2021

K. Verlag

Based in Berlin, K. Verlag is a publishing atelier advancing new forms of the “book-as-exhibition.”

Despite Dispossession: An Activity Book
7 July 2021

Raw Meat Collective

Based in Brooklyn, Raw Meat Collective strive to give a voice to Queer & Femme contemporary artists within publication and print.

Losing In The Form Of Darkness
21 November 2020

Process Magazine

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Process Magazine is an independent print magazine that explores the creative processes of thinkers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Vol. 1: Scarcity by Design
17 October 2020

Amateur Cities

Amateur Cities is a research agency and an online publishing platform on alternative ways of city making presented critically. It aims to connect city thinkers to city makers.

Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance
29 July 2020

White Fungus

Based in Taichung City, Taiwan, White Fungus is a print magazine and publishing platform.

Issue #16
28 March 2020

Mattering Press

Based in Manchester, UK, Mattering Press publishes high quality, peer reviewed open access books within relational research on science, technology and society.

Modes of Knowing: Resources from the Baroque
19 February 2020

Further Reading

Based in Jakarta, Further Reading is a multi-format publishing platform exploring the sociocultural and political contexts.

Futher Reading Print No.1
14 August 2019

Four Corners Books

Based in London, Four Corner Books makes art books that have a story to tell, with a special focus on art outside traditional gallery contexts.

See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990
29 March 2019

Saqi Books

Founded in 1983 in London, Saqi Books is an independent publishing house of quality general interest and academic books on North Africa and the Middle East.

Elsewhere, Home
12 September 2018


n+1 was founded in New York City in 2004 by six young writers and editors who wanted to revive the American tradition of politically engaged literary magazines.

Other Russias
14 June 2018

Publication Studio London

Publication Studio London (2015) is part of the international network of sibling PS studios printing-binding books one at a time, working with local artists & writers to create unique work.

Knotted Mass II
20 April 2018

Owl Cave Books

An amazing artist-run bookstore distributing independent publishing across San Francisco specialized in international contemporary art, theory culture & politics. And it also publishes!

14 April 2018

Notting Hill Editions

Based in Kendal, United Kingdom this family-run press is committed to print the work of the most unusual thinkers of our time.

The Foreigner: Two Essays on Exile
11 April 2018

BHP Comics

BHP Comics is a micro publishing house based in Glasgow making comics, graphic novels and art books from established creators and cutting-edge new talent.

Frank Quitely: Drawings+Sketches
7 March 2018


Based in Barcelona, this architectural research practice not only publishes but also deals with criticism and curating.

Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence
5 February 2018

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