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Eulalie's Journey to Algonquin with Tom Thomson

Catherine Wilson (writer) & Ruth MacLean (illustrator)

ISBN 978-0-9954912-1-2


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The book gives a lyrical insight into the celebrated Canadian painter Tom Thomson’s life, and offers the younger reader the opportunity to get to know more about him and about Algonquin Park, his destination each year when he set out to gather material needed for his paintings. The story is told as if by his dog Eulalie – she describes how she first came into Tom’s life and how he took her camping with him to the beautiful wilderness of Algonquin Park. The text with line drawings in the margins (also by Catherine Wilson) has full colour illustrations on the facing page. There are 20 illustrations in all, each a unique paper collage created by Canadian artist Ruth MacLean. Most of her images are based on actual paintings by Tom Thomson.

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