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Sarah Morris: CAPITAL letters read better for Initials

Frédéric Paul

ISBN 978-3-941360-46-4


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arah Morris creates paintings and films that explore urban codes and power structures, most recently of Paris, Rio, and Beijing. Her graphic, diagrammatic paintings employ rigorous abstraction to create a virtual architecture that plays with notions of social space and identity. Located at the crossroads of Pop, Minimal art and geometric abstraction, Morris has been an influential force since the mid-1990s, investigating the complex conversation between social space, identity, and power. 

In his in-depth essay French critic Frédéric Paul explores themes such as power, architecture, geometry and manipulation in Morris’ complementary practices of painting, film and works on paper.

This book is published parallel to the Sarah Morris exhibition Astros Hawk(October 19, 2015 – March 20, 2016) at Museum M, Leuven.

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