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Men Burning In Hell

Ana Benaroya


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Using the language of comics, caricature, and pop culture, Ana Benaroya explores and expands the understanding of the physical and emotional limits of her own body. She is very interested in power, who holds it, how it is used, how it informs every narrative, and how it can be taken back –– by women in particular. From a queer perspective, she explores this notion of power: she plays with the human body, both male and female, often anatomically exaggerated and at its moment of most extreme action.⁣

Her inspiration comes from feeling powerless and often intense, overwhelming anger at what she views to be atrocities committed against women every day – both large and small. She wants to create a visual world where women find their power: mentally, physically, sexually. Her work is motivated in large part to her own emotional experience.⁣

Benaroya’s hope is for her work to be a refection of the world around us: exaggerated, yet truthful in revealing⁣ the unsaid reality.

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