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EXIT #76. Your favourite photograph



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EXIT celebrates 20 years and that is why we wanted to end our anniversary year with a very special issue. We have invited different critics, artists, curators and photography experts to choose their favorite image. That picture that somehow marked them for some reason; the artist who has always accompanied them or a composition that influenced their way of seeing and appreciating photography. We will find different answers and approaches: Rosalind Krauss, Roland Fischer, Roger Ballen, Cristina de Middel, Bernard Plossu or Valérie Belin are just some of the professionals who have shared their secret “album”. And they have chosen artists for the history of photography such as Berenice Abbott, Walker Evans, Koudelka, Nan Goldin or Renger-Patzsch, to name just a few. But we have also featured images that for some reason remain in some private corners, and that have marked the trajectory of photographers such as Jonás Bel, Gerardo Montiel Klint or JH Ëngstrom. Your favorite photo is a tribute to the everlasting force of photography, which is always the same: either in an exhibition, hidden in a contact sheet, or framed on a bedside table. 

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