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ociety is ever changing, as are the ways of doing, being and relating. Magazines cannot stay static in models that no longer work. FLUOR is the option for a time in constant motion. A magazine made from the point of view of creativity and conceived to be enjoyed by a readership interested in culture.

FLUOR explores art from every perspective and writing from every possibility, from fresh micro-essays to recovered narratives, from articles on a single work of art to overviews of publications and historic times, cities or buildings. A fundamental part of FLUOR is the artist projects developed exclusively for the magazine by internationally acclaimed artists.

FLUOR is quarterly and bilingual (in English and Spanish) to facilitate its worldwide distribution. It can be found in bookshops and museum shops, but it is especially conceived for subscription, for that more direct contact between reader and publisher. We will also be at art and book fairs all around the world. With FLUOR we will go back to reading, to looking, to being closer and closer to the art of today. Because culture is alive, current, exciting. 

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