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Failed States

issue no.2: suburb

ISBN 2515-5997


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The suburb issue of Failed States includes an original fiction by Wayne Koestenbaum; special projects on the Charles Atlas film Staten Island Sex Cult and the late South African photographer Thabiso Sekgala; a portfolio of posters for queer skate collective Unity selected by Ian Giles; and contributions from writers, artists, photographers and educators from Iceland, North America, Pakistan, South Africa, and the UK, in which…

Ayesha Malik documents an American suburb in Saudi Arabia

Baneen Mirza walks the Lahore sprawl

Brian W. Ferry locates the suburban in Brooklyn

Bryony Quinn researches a divisive wall in Oxfordshire

Colter Jacobsen doesn’t remember

Daniel P Callanan explores wild places in south-east London

Donal Mosher recalls the dogwood trees of North Carolina

Jack Self goes back to the beginning

Jacques Bellavance photographs Europe-inspired developments around Shanghai

Jenny Lin spends an evening in those same Shanghainese suburbs

Jeremy Atherton Lin follows the searchlights of the Silicon Valley

Josh Cheon digs up his teenage mixtapes

Justinien Tribillon undertakes an etymological adventure

Karen Tongson soundtracks her youth in the Inland Empire

KT Browne finds herself in a remote Icelandic town

Matt Wolf  hangs out in Boca Raton’s retirement communities

Nina Power contemplates the supra-rural

Olivia Laing has a phenomenological moment

Peter Nencini makes public art in Croydon

Sabelo Mlangeni ventures into a wealthy Johannesburg suburb

Tara Sinn moves to a cul-de-sac


Publisher & Editor: Jamie Atherton
Associate Editor: Jeremy Atherton Lin
Art direction: Sandy McInnes

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