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RELISH VOL. 2 Los Angeles

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Couldn't make it to Los Angeles for the show? We got you!

RELISH is our second magazine which features a group of artists in a specific city or group of cities. The magazine is full of stickers and is followed by a huge group gallery show and mural project in that city.

VOL. 2 we featured 36 Los Angeles artists:

The Art of Chase 
Emily R. Schwartz 
David Behar 
Jonni Cheatwood 
Christopher Ruh 
Daena Title 
Floyd Strickland 
Francisco Reyes, Jr. (Never Made) 
Grant Spanier 
James Porschen 
Johnny Rodriguez 
Franco Campanella (Lefty Out There) 
Christina Leta 
Lisa Solberg 
Josh S. Rose 
Leonardo Moleiro 
Matthew Ryan Herget 
Matt Lawrence 
Sean Martin 
Mike Anderson 
Minas Halaj 
Nicholas Biddle 
Nikkolos Mohammed 
Otha Davis III (Vakseen) 
Andrew Muñoz 
Andrew Haan 
Ray Young Chu 
Roan Florez 
Sarah Farmer 
Shane McClatchey 
Spencer Nikosey (Killspencer) 
Tyler Spangler 
Uriel Correa 
Brooke Fischer 
Aubrey Longley-Cook 
Adrian Kay Wong

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