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8 double-sided sheets, reinterpretation of « Koyaanisqatsi » (1982) by the composer Philip Glass from experimental film directed by Godfrey Reggio.

This documentary combines slow-motion and time-lapse footage with a minimalist and repetitive musical language. This exploration of images and sounds, describes different relationship's perspectives between humans, nature and technology.
A proposal to print unique editions was based on this musical work using a principle of repetition called the ostinato. 
The use of this rhythmic and melodic system, directly linked to the functioning of the spirit duplicator, was leaded to a graphic and editorial reflection perceptible on paper, visually reinterpreting this element of composition.
The relationship comes to life between the precision of sound material and images effusion, working on the vaporous appearance of some photographs.

with an excerpt of the music interpretation by @sayerdamien — bandcamp link in bio —
printed with spirit duplicator. limited edition of 7 experimentations.
during @rebelrebel_salon_fanzine, @frac_provencealpescotedazur September 2019.

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