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Looiersgracht 60

Containing Content

Aldo Bakker, N. Snijeders (ed.) and S.Notoadikusumo (ed.)

ISBN 978-94-92282-00-2


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Published on the occasion of Aldo Bakker’s solo exhibition ‘Containing Content’ at Looiersgracht 60, this book features four essays on Bakker’s fascination with ‘pouring vessels’ as well as an interview with the artist. Bakker has the ability to transform such humble, everyday objects – things we often forget to notice. He brings them back into focus and frees them of their primary function in order to present them as indefinable and enigmatic forms. The essayists represented in this volume – Glenn Adamson, Hans den Hartog Jager, Chris Reinewald and Gert Staal – take Bakker’s jugs as their point of departure, but each one moves beyond the objects themselves to discuss his work more generally in the contexts of art, design, literature and philosophy. In relaying these new insights, we hope to contribute to a better understanding – and a wider appreciation – of Bakker’s special oeuvre.

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