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Looiersgracht 60

Imprinted Mater

Aimée Zito Lema, N.Snijders (ed.) and S.Notoadikusumo (ed.)

ISBN 978-94-92282-01-9


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As well as being a non-profit exhibition space, Looiersgracht 60 is an independent publishing house, regularly producing limited-edition paperbacks to accompany its exhibition programme. Published on the occasion of Aimée Zito Lema’s solo exhibition ‘Imprinted Mater’ at Looiersgracht 60, this publication explores the artist’s work and the relationship between memory and image.

Imprinted Mater/Materia impresa has been made in close collaboration with the artist and comprises written contributions from a number of experts from various disciplinary backgrounds: Sohrab Mohebbi (an LA-based curator), Horacio González (a writer and the former director of the National Library of Argentina), Maria Barnas (a poet and artist) and Marcelo Percia (a writer and psychoanalyst). The publication also features a foreword written by Soraya Notoadikusumo and Nadine Snijders (directors of Looiersgracht 60) and boasts an insightful image section comprising multiple research images, images of work in progress and new works made specifically for this publication. The book’s beautiful design by Studio Veronica Ditting has exquisitely brought all these unique elements together. We hope that this publication will contribute to a fuller understanding of Zito Lema’s achievements so far and will further the scope of her important oeuvre in the future.

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