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Gine Cornelia Pedersen

ISBN 978-0995485235


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Zero, Gine Cornelia Pedersen 
Translated by Rosie Hedger 
192 pages, paperback

I tell her I’ve stopped taking my pills
I write that I’m still not well, that it’s making day-to-day life difficult
That I often do things I regret, and that there’s some sort of membrane between what I want to do and whatever I end up doing
That I really want to be an actor, but that it’s a dream that seems all too distant for the time being
I tell her I use and abuse alcohol and drugs, and that I’ve got a death wish that sometimes becomes difficult to ignore
That I don’t know who I am
That I change my mind as frequently as I change my socks
That I’m horrible to the people around me
That my sex life is depraved

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