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Magdalena Wysocka

ISBN 978-3-942547-64-2


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The source material for Magdalena Wysocka’s photobook ‘RÓŻE’ is a compendium of roses from 1967, which consist of 150 images of different varieties photographed in full color, printed and published in Poland. Dr. Jan Augustynowicz and Inż Antoni Gładysz, the authors of the book, gave it a loving title: ‘A guidebook for those who fancy roses’ (org. ‘Poradnik dla miłośnikow róż’).

The images from the ‘Guidebook’ were rescanned and transformed into something almost entirely different. A visual trigger for this transformation was a failed offset printing process of the original photographs, which resulted in shifts of colors and distortions of almost painfully colourful reproductions. Wysocka took a step to push the print mistakes by printing ‘RÓŻE’ in 4 colour CMYK separation on a Risograph. The result of marrying these two imperfections in print is a beautiful colour study.

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