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Šumperák ztráta plánu (Plans Went Astray)

Tomáš Pospěch

ISBN 978-80-87407-22-6


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Known informally as the Šumperák, the “Model V single-family home” became a smash hit, far and away the most commonly built model home in Czechoslovakia. It was loved – and loathed. Estimates of how many of these houses were built range from 5,000 to as many as 20,000. Given that Šumperáks were self-built, they naturally testify to their owners’ taste and skills. There is no way of knowing which house is the original. Tomáš Pospěch’s book provides a distinctive interpretation of this hit. Using the example of the Šumperák, Pospěch contemplates that period’s architecture as well as questions regarding originality and serialization. Just as each new building was blurring the blueprint for the Model V single-family house, the Šumperák phenomenon is brought into focus.

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