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Alternative Moons

Robert Pufleb & Nadine Schlieper

ISBN 978-94-92051-37-0


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The moon – always source of inspiration and imagination throughout history of wo*mankind. Setting off on the imaginative journey through fictitious space by browsing the pages of the photo book, the viewer is confronted with a surprising fact on the very last page – turning the reception of the whole book upside down.

That last page is the crucial point, where the mystery of the moons’ origin is revealed. One realizes: what you see is not what you look at.

You are welcome to join the space trip, feel free to discover formerly unseen images of mysterious moons from an unknown galaxy, as the dawn of reality is catching up behind the scenes.

“A small step for mankind, but a big step towards your fantasy. Alternative facts for planetary dreamers!” 
- Manfred Zollner (fotoMAGAZIN)

About the authors:
Alternative Moons is the first photobook by Nadine Schlieper and Robert Pufleb. Their collaboration is based on the perception of visual phenomenons emerging from everyday situations, creating an atmosphere of ambivalence, constantly challenging the secrets of the visible.

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