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Ebecho Muslimova


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FATEBE has an alter ego that goes by the name of Ebecho Muslimova (or maybe it’s the other way around?)

Regardless of who comes first, Muslimova’s precocious second self has resulted in the indomitably “naked” character of Fatebe who is subject to the artist’s infinite imagination and born again and again within innumerable graphic scenarios.
As an avatar of the artist this lovable personage dives into the recesses of the artist’s mental states, simultaneously liberating and celebrating uninhibited modes of expression that project a dedicated artist into a myriad of “malleable” situations upon the page.

Fatebe (a portmanteau of “fat” and “Ebe,” the artist’s nickname) has been a pleasurable escape for Ebecho Muslimova since 2011 and serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration that Muslimova has actively presented in a number of international exhibitions and on many, many Post-it Notes.

For “FATEBE VOLUME 2”* the artist has transported Fatebe to “live” upon the pages of this octogonal shaped book of meticulously conceived and technically impeccable colored drawings. The plain mat ink silkscreened on Fabriano paper in this edition recall the gouache stencils and the freedom of the “ligne modulée” drawings of Matisse’s famed Jazz(Tériade, 1947), taking on an ironically new and irreverent twist.

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