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The Laterals Magazine

Based in Kuala Lumpur, The Laterals Magazine features in-depth interviews with global profiles of film, art, fashion music and the industry.

The Laterals Magazine Issue 07—Tom Sturridge
7 May 2023

Process Magazine

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Process Magazine is an independent print magazine that explores the creative processes of thinkers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Vol. 2: Forms of Contemplation
2 April 2023

Velocity Press

Based in London, Velocity Press aims to create a catalogue that feels like a trusted record label in its integrity and vision.

Members Only
2 October 2022

White Fungus

Based in Taichung City, Taiwan, White Fungus is a print magazine and publishing platform.

Issue #16
28 March 2020

les éditions musicographiques

Based in Paris, les éditions musicographiques are linked to ‘musicographisme’, an editorial performance project addressing the relation between music and graphic design.

musicographisme_2 Tape
28 December 2019

The Future Publishing

Based in Amsterdam, The Future Publishing uses the definition of ”to publish” as “to make public”, employing printed matter as a medium to communicate ideas in all of its stages.

No Sense of Urgency
23 April 2019

Shelter Press

Based in Rennes, Frances, Shelter Press is a publishing platform set up by a publisher and artist to build up dialogues between contemporary art, poetry and experimental music.

When The Ocean Sounds
3 December 2018

Publication Studio Glasgow

Based in Glasgow, this independent publishing enterprise is also an open source book-production facility. Part of the international publishing network Publication Studio.

Flow Country
22 October 2018


Uniformbooks, based in Devon, UK, is an imprint for the visual and literary arts, cultural geography and history, music and bibliographic studies.

The Keartons: Inventing nature photography
17 May 2018

Foe Publishing

This press is run by readers, writers and artists. Their love for books moved them to switch from writing and reading books to producing them.

King of the Bored Frontier
3 May 2018

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