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Readers & Publishers: Open Book#2

Publishing cultures in art education is the theme of the Readers & Publishers: Open Book#2 presented during Printing Plant Amsterdam Art Book Fair 2019.

You can read and download Open Book#2 here.

The publication collectively explores a set of questions around this theme. These questions were proposed by a selection of educators, curators, writers and artists across different countries. These set of questions were then shared with a selection of publishers from the Readers & Publishers’ community of independent publishers working with relevant themes. They offered their responses from their different perspectives and expertise. The outcome is a resource for anyone interested in the potential and challenges that a publishing practice can entail within art education. Questions explored at Open Book#2:

_Are you a feminist publisher? Publishing and patriarchy, where do you stand? Proposed by Delphine Bedel.

_What is your ideal model of an interdisciplinary art education project/module/course, that would enable artistic platforms and publishing worlds to work together? Proposed by Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen.

_How can publishing, whether independent or as artistic practice, evade the conventions of authorial voice and encourage a collective pedagogical praxis? Proposed by Sophia Y. Hao.

_How might we situate our editorial autonomy when publishing from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)? Orientation and leaning in/leaning out: If we are to publish and distribute small press editions from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), how might we situate our editorial ethics and autonomy within institutional strategy and governance? Proposed by Laura Edbrook.

_Can a publications-in-process approach erode the distinctions between research/writing and publishing in art education? Beyond the book as object, what would it mean if we start to focus more on books as iterative forms of publishing, as publications-in-process? How will this start to erode the clear distinctions between research/writing and publishing that we have institutionalised, amongst others in art education? Proposed by Janneke Adema & Kaja Marczewska.

_ Could collective artistic publishing practices or publications such as artist books be key to stimulating changes in the paradigm between art and education that exists outside the museum context? And could we include more personal and subjective narratives as part of art education to encourage abstract thinking by the students? Proposed by Fito Conesa.

_ How do you imagine the role of independent publishers in shaping the future of publishing in art education? Proposed by Readers & Publishers.

With contributions by: The Brown OrientGoswell RoadJap Sam BooksJordan, Jordan ÉditionLost AlphabetMOMENTUM MagazinePoetic Pastel PressPrinting Plant Amsterdam Art Book Fair & The Sandberg Series.

The Open Book#2 was on display during Printing Plant 2019 and continues to exist as an online resource.
Thanks to all the contributors and Printing Plant Amsterdam Art Book Fair to make this project possible.

Readers & Publishers: Open Book #1 

Readers & Publishers: Open Book#2 was presented during Printing Plant Amsterdam Art Book Fair 2018.

You can read and download Open Book#1 here.

Open Book #1 shares thoughts from independent publishers listed on Readers & Publishers with the keywords ‘art’ ‘contemporary art’ ‘design’ or ‘artist’s books’ who were invited to respond to questions on the themes of community, readership, and the relationship between arts and independent publishing. 

– How do you envision the relationship between independent publishing and art?
– What role can independent publishers have in creating communities or being supported by them?
– How do you see the relationship between independent publishers and their readers?
– How do you imagine the role of independent publishers in shaping the future of publishing?

We would like to thank all those whose words have shaped this book, including ATLAS ProjectosbackbonebooksBook WorksCooper Gallery DJCADdpr-barcelonaFoe PublishingIn The End, Books?Las InjuriasLolli EditionsLooiersgracht 60MARIA†. editionsSaqi Books, and Tara Books. Their contributions help us to take part in a conversation within this book where we imagine the future(s) of independent publishing together.

In collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, the initiator of Printing Plant: Art Book Fair, we hosted an In Conversation event on 24th November 2018 welcoming Francis McKee (director of CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow) and Astrid Vorstermans (founder of an editor/publisher of Valiz) in a conversation moderated by David Maroto (The Book Lovers) expanded the themes of Open Book #1.

The discussions started by Open Book #1 will help inform the next phases and concerns of the Readers & Publishers project.


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