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les murmurations

Based in Paris, les murmurations is a publishing house dedicated to artists’ books and their writings, to visual and literary experiments.

Our political mentalities: the arts of governing the present time
30 January 2021

Revue Faire

Based in Paris, Revue Faire are critical publications dedicated to the analysis of Graphic Design.

Revue Faire 16
26 April 2020


Based in Paris, Empire makes questions of reproduction, documentation, and the circulation of images central through catalogues, monographs, theoretical works, magazines, posters or re-editions.

IBM, Paul Rand’s Graphic Standards Manual reprint
25 April 2020

The Skirt Chronicles

Based in Paris, The Skirt Chronicles grants the same importance to photography as it does to the written word. It explores literature, fashion, culture and beyond.

The Skirt Chronicles Volume VI
11 April 2020

onestar press

Based in Paris, onestar press is dedicated to the production of books and multiples by artists.

Nose Peak
5 April 2020

Three Star Books

Based in Paris, Three Star Books produces books and editions with the finest contemporary artists.

The End
1 April 2020

les éditions musicographiques

Based in Paris, les éditions musicographiques are linked to ‘musicographisme’, an editorial performance project addressing the relation between music and graphic design.

musicographisme_2 Tape
28 December 2019

Goswell Road

Based in Paris, Goswell Road is a non-profit artspace and publishing house set up by art duo Ruiz Stephinson.

Forbidden to Forbid
28 December 2018

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