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Based in Madrid, Started 2013

Bartlebooth is an independent publishing and research project based in Spain exploring the contexts and procedures of contemporary spatial practice and expanding the critical agenda of the discipline. Its work crosses architecture and its intersections with theory, technology, gender, ecology and image through physical publications, digital platforms, public programs, videos, exhibitions, and installations. It was founded and is currently led by Antonio Giráldez López and Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera.

Submission Policy

We don't believe in open calls, as they promote precarity and unpaid work. As editors, we believe our work is to find those practices and discourses relevant for contemporary spatial thinking and promote those voices less represented by established media. Nevertheless, we try to constantly communicate the topics and issues we are interested in, in order to establish exchanges with our audience and authors. We also initiate publications and research projects together with other agents, individuals and institutions, expanding our particular agenda and network.

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