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Cooper Gallery's gallery periodical launched in 2011. The inaugural issue includes texts by Cullinan Richards, Tracy Mackenna and Norman Shaw with 'Notes from the Studio' pieces by our Cooper Summer Residency artists Sophie Lisa Beresford, Michael Mallett and Stephen Murray.

Issue 4 Materiality & Metaphysics is a special 48 page edition uniting texts by artists, critics, theorists and philosophers on the subject of materiality and metaphysics. Contributors include Joe Hughes and Chris Sharp with articles in the 'Under Consideration section' and 'Notes from the Studio' by artists Lys Hansen, Kraig Wilson and Viola Yesiltaç. It also includes a conversation between Richard Layzell and Tania Koswycz. Dr Lisa Otty was the co-editor of Issue 4 and she has contributed a text entitled 'Incarnations' as well as an interview with Lys Hansen and Kraig Wilson.

Issue 5 includes contributions from Ella Finer, Dominic Paterson and Nina Power. It features 'Notes from the Studio' from artists Oliver Braid, Georgina Starr and Susan Hiller (introduced by Alexandra Kokoli) and concludes with 'What I'm reading now...' by Susan Hiller.

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