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Paul Noble


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In 2011 internationally celebrated British artist Paul Noble broke new ground for his 'Nobson Newtown' with 'TENT' exhibition at Cooper Gallery, through re-locating a pictorial space into the dynamics of a real place. Under a stationary sun Paul Noble’s 'Nobson Newtown' works words into literal places. This ongoing portraiture of an impossible landscape, draws in a wreckage of architecture and philosophy. The edge of this landscape of tree stumps, amorphous monuments and untenanted architectural fantasies was redrawn in Cooper Gallery through an installation of drawings, photography, ceramics and a tent.

In 2012 to extend our work with Paul Noble we commissioned him to make an artists' book, 'TENT'. This stitch bound, screen printed book is a limited edition and the main run of the publication is sold out, the final copies will be available for sale to individuals and collections soon.

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