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ENTKUNSTUNG is a yearbook that brings together texts and works from our online editions and, furthermore, it's complemented with artworks from artists coming from different nationalities and backgrounds. Each publication presents more than 90 contributions in art, theory and criticism. The 304-pages book features works from well-known and international established artists and writers, alongside young emerging artists and critics, who took part in this project thanks to our Open Call. 

The book is released in a limited edition of 500 copies. Printed with a perfect size of 14.8 x 22.5cm and covered in linen, it tips the scales at almost 1 kg.



Alexander Estis
Alma Cardoso
Andreas Soller & Florian Telsnig
Biljana Tomić
Catarina Real
Deslauriers Stein
Edith Lázár
Felipe Duque
Iulia Radu
Kilian Jörg
Marlin von Christen
Maximilian Mauracher
Monika Raič
Pablo Katchadjian
Rayyan Dabbous
Thordis Wolf


Alicja Kwade
Jason Gringler
Jeff Mills 
Jerry Saltz


Alicja Kwade
Alex McLeod
Alina Frieske
Anna Breit
Aviva Silverman
Baptiste Debombourg
Cai Guo-Qiang
Camilla Steinum
Christoph Meier, Ute Müller, Robert Schwarz, Lukas Stopczynski
Christoph Winkler
Christian Marclay
Daniele De Batté
Darren Harvey-Regan
David Meran
Davide Zucco
Dora Budor
Egor Kraft
Elmgreen & Dragset
Gabriele Garavaglia
Giulia Cenci
Hanna Schwarz
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg
Herwig Scherabon & Pille-Riin Jaik
Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski
Jacob Tonski
Jakob Argauer
Jason Gringler
Jeff Mills
Jesse Johanning & Monogrowl
Katherina Olschbaur
Levi van Veluw
Marina Gadonneix
Martin Maeller
Massimiliano Rossetto
Max Geisler
Maxime Ballesteros
Monika Gabriela Dorniak
Paco Chanivet
Patricia Piccinini
Ryan Gander
Sif Itona Westerberg
Simon Denny
Stefanie Herr
Stief DeSmet
Sun Yuan & Peng Yu
Theo Triantafyllidis
Tim Høibjerg
Tim Plamper
Tobi Siebrecht
Trauma Bar und Kino
Wim Delvoye
Young Boy Dancing Group (Krassen Krastev, Nils Amadeus Lange, Elie Autin, Nora Smith, Gabriela Piña, Oscar Khan, Manuel Scheiwiller)
Zaria Forman

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