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Based in Toronto, Started 2017

Feels is a publication about feelings; a place to explore, share, and be honest. Having an open dialogue about what’s going on inside us can foster meaningful connection and make us feel less alone. Feels believes there are no good or bad feelings — the value comes from how we relate to them, experience them, and what we learn from them. We are a feminist, sex-positive, 2SLGBTQ*, anti-racist, anti-colonial publication.

Submission Policy

We are a submissions-based zine that has open calls three times a year. We welcome (and encourage) people of all diverse experiences, abilities and communities to submit their work. Your voice is important, and we would like to support it. The more voices we hear, the more we can learn from one another. We accept all forms of written and visual artistic expression, as long as we can print it. Please read our Community Guidelines at for more info about our publication, and our Submissions page for formatting your work.

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