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King of the Bored Frontier

KS Silkwood

ISBN 978-0-9956140-0-0


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IT'S 1997, the year of Tracey Emin’s broken finger, the Royal Academy's catching-up-but-it's-too-late Sensation exhibition, and the fag-end of the self-cannibalising bravado that is Britpop.

​Surrounded by the burgeoning Britart and YBA invasion, the art college experience is all too conflict-ridden for our nameless third-year art student.

As he drinks, draws, paints and parties his way through the academic year, falling in love, falling in hate, the question is: what happens next?

Combining the cool energy of the mid-90s Britart and Britpop movements, King of the Bored Frontier is a celebration, commiseration, dedication to the cause – the art school bible.

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