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Futher Reading Print No.1

Januar Rianto (editor-in-chief), Putty Dewikarina (ed.), Immanuel J. Palar (ed.)


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Further Reading Print No.1 is the first print issue of Further Reading. Through the print edition, we look inwards to respond to the challenges and demands that we are facing as both designer and non designer; examine our values within sociocultural, political, economic and ecological contexts; and address or respond using our knowledge, skills and resources. In this issue, we delve into the theme of ‘Identity’ and see how the single subject could give rise to different interpretations.

Further Reading Print No.1 begins with a hundred lobbies in Buenos Aires, decentralisation through chairs from eight most populated countries in the world to the ‘lacking’ places around the world that show human inventiveness through design. In this edition, we raise questions on the urgency to navigate practice based on different regions, with responses from Signals from the Periphery in Estonia, Southland Institute in the United States and Temporary Academy for Un/Re/Learning in Philippines. We aspire to accommodate a wide range of voices and perspectives—from Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe to North America.


Edited by Januar Rianto with Immanuel J. Palar and Putty Dewikarina.

Designed by Each Other Company.

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