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Hesterglock Press

Based in Bristol, Started 2013

Sarer Scotthorne & Paul Hawkins co-run Hesterglock Press, publishing mostly the avant-garde // experimental. We have an ongoing commitment to publishing radical & challenging books, across forms & disciplines, collaborating with other artists and writers on projects that don't / won't make a million, but may well make a social/cultural difference or a change.

Submission Policy

Hesterglock Press / Prote(s)xt also aims to actively publish marginalised poets/writers who, for example, identify as working-class, &/or B.A.M.E. &/or gender-fluid &/or disabled by society who’s work is radical, experimental & anti-systems of oppression, intersectional, across form(s) & across discipline(s). We sometimes have open-call submissions for our Prote(s)xt imprint. We sometimes commission work for anthologies or have a submissions window. Please check our website for more details.

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