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In The End, Books?

Based in Antwerp, Started 2016

In The End, Books? is an independent artist books publishing house founded by Elena Op 't Eynde & Dexian Feng. We publish young artists who use aspects of publishing as part of their artistic practice. We work closely and collaboratively with the artist to ensure that the publication—a physical book or online edition—is produced cohesively alongside the artists’ practices.

Submission Policy

We are always looking for artists who are interested in creating a publication. Your practice can be text/video/sculpture/painting/digital/... based. We'll work closely together with you to create a publication that can be fully integrated into your practice, and send into the world via exhibitions, art book fairs, etc.
If you are interested in working with us please send a written project proposal (A4) and a link to/pdf of your portfolio to our email (contact details in the website). We are also in the process of organizing an open call, for more info find us on social media.

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