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Based in Nijmegen, Started 1984

Extrapool is an artist initiative based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, operating in 3 workfields: sound, art and print. Print workspace Knust is part of Extrapool and has been specialized in stencilprinted matter over the last 25 years – nowadays more commonly known as risograph printing. With high expertise Knust/Extrapool has been publishing various series of books and print projects such as Art Prison, Work Holiday, Ko Zines, Slimtarra and many more.

Submission Policy

For our book residency projects we focus on publishing one Art Prison publication (two weeks and on invitation) per year and one Work Holiday publication (one week and on open call) per year. Other books are being published as different Knust/Extrapool program books, or as an independent book residency (shared costs and publishing), or made in commission by Knust.

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