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Renée Lorie

ISBN 978 94 9126 233 3


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Noctuary – the first publication of Renée Lorie (b. 1989), a Brussels based photographer – is a photografic journey into undefined landscapes and interiors. The black and white photographs are full of magical moments, uncertain feelings and surreal light. 
‘A lot of images you see here were made during the end of a period of loss. Close beloved ones that passed away. When you go through this intense process of letting go, looking back, trying to hold on, forever is a strong compulsion. You want to latch onto these past certainties, in order to avoid the confrontation of constant change
and dissociation, processes unique to life. Photography serves as a consolation to impossibly embrace what was.’

With an accompanying text on the young oeuvre of the artist by Steven Humblet.


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