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Specimen Days

Kasper Bosmans

ISBN 978 94 9126 221 0


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Kasper Bosmans (b. 1990) dives deeply into the rich cultural history of materials, objects, traditions and customs. The references in his work betray a broad spectrum of sources, from folkloristic stories and cultural practices to historic research on painterly techniques or botanical cross-breeding. In most cases he focuses intuitively on specific, sometimes fragile, sometimes playful facts and stories that are close to ordinary life but which, despite their significance, turn out to be undervalued. 
The publication Specimen Days focuses on Bosmans’ legend paintings, a series of works on small wooden panels, all the same format, which he started in 2013 and is still working on. He has developed an almost naïve painting style, inspired by traditional heraldry. The series brings together several of the core motifs in Bosmans’ oeuvre as if a form of source code. Some of these motifs often crop up in his sculptural work too. The series is surprising for its candid visual and conceptual references and combinations.

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