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Kiernan Cobarrubia


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"Fagmagick" was conjured from a photoshoot I did with my buddy Nic in a cold Berlin apartment in February of 2018. We wanted to capture the essence of at-home rituals but of course with a heavy homo soft-core slant. The photos came back and I was immediately impressed with the red of the film and I started writing the words in the Zine. It became something more to me than just about a ritual. It was a lonely fag, separated from the others, trying to conjure a guide, a lover, a mentor; an incantation to the other lonely fags in the world. He reflected my own desire to connect with our faggot ancestors, calling out to them in the dark. The call echos a desire for brotherhood, one than transcends time and space. In magical thinking, time doesn’t exist as it does in our reality; we are our ancestors and we can bring their spirits forward simply by living our faggot lives to their fullest. Arise, brothers!

You receive both publication and poster with purchase. Poster ships flat and folded wrapped in a clear bag.

Artist Bio: Kiernan Cobarrubia is currently an artist living abroad in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in California and attended UCLA for Art History and Film Theory. Kiernan likes to explore themes of queer history and archives, nostalgia, sexuality and the body.

This is Cobarrubia’s first publication with the collective.

Full Color Publication & Double Sided Poster
Laser Print Production
20 Pages
8.5” X 5.5”
Saddle Stitched
High-Gloss cover with semi-matte interior
Edition of 100
Published by Raw Meat Collective
Printed in the United States

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