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Raw Meat Collective

Shower With Affection

Zach Grear

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Brooklyn, NY is a vast and dense sea of artists, creators and thinkers. In this persistently tragic year of 2020, Zach Grear has given us a reason to look toward the next moment, to a lighter, better future. He manifests what it means to be an honest artist and forward thinker. As a self-taught artist, Grear pulls from past influences and contemporary New York communities. His work has featured legends like James Baldwin, Grace Jones, Aaliyah, Andy Warhol, and many more as a base for his heavily tattooed reflections. His work features expressions of Queer culture, vintage erotica and pop culture, as well as local New York legends and Queer leaders.

In “Shower With Affection” Grear has painted more than a picture; it’s a world of its own, reflecting the electric and playful feeling of what being a Queer punk can look like. Men are closeted cruising within steamy shower settings, originally photographed by Bob Mizer. Grear has created this misty, dew-dripped scenery for us to peak into ever so softly. Whether you are Queer, Gay, Bi or even Straight, this series is full of wonderment and wet enchantments. Turn the H knob, pull back the curtain, and dip your toe into this voyeuristic setting that’s a feast for the eyes. Each shower scene was selected by Grear from Bob Mizer’s photography archive and draws upon specific concepts to create these dark, moody, yet joyous atmospheres that reflect many of us within our own minds.

Full Color Artist Book
First Edition of 100
50 Pages
8” x 10”
Perfect Bound
Smooth matte cover with matte interior
First Edition
Undisclosed Edition Number

All artworks by Zach Grear
Original Photographs by Bob Mizer
Introduction by Kyle Quinn
Published by Raw Meat Collective
Editing by Sarah Leach
Printed in the United States

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