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soi press

Based in Bangkok, Started 2020

ซอย | soi or ‘soi squad’ is a platform for writing, editing, and publishing in the expanded field. soi desires to interpret the act of writing and the production of words in the widest and wildest sense. The practice of ‘writing, editing and publishing’ is pivotal to soi as we believe in a generosity of time and a restless spirit to learn and unlearn.

‘soi’, a word familiar to Thais, is borrowed to name our entity. The physicality of ‘soi’ is a versatile infrastructure that adjusts itself to accommodate the basis of urban living, it also recognises places and logistics as sources of endless learning and sharing. In such a dynamic, we take a metaphor of ‘soi’ as a site of knowledge existing in all pedestrians.

Submission Policy

We do not accept submissions by writers at the moment.

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