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The Eriskay Connection

Based in Breda, Started 2011

The Eriskay Connection is a Dutch studio for book design and an independent publisher of art books at the intersection of photography, research, social issues and science. We are particularly interested in projects that map relevant matters, provide insight into the world we live in, tell a story, make a statement, expose a history or give directions to our view on the future.

Submission Policy

We accept open submissions from artists and researches. Most books we publish we have also designed, but this is not a strict rule. To be involved in the edit and design of a book means for us to be involved with the author and their personal story, so we can make a beautiful and meaningful body of work together with them. This is how we like to make books, and how we keep the quality of the books we publish consistent. Therefore we are most interested in projects that are not yet completely finished.

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