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The Velvet Cell

Based in Berlin, Started 2011

TVC is an independent publishing house dedicated to photobooks on architecture, urbanism and modernism.

Submission Policy

We welcome submissions to The Velvet Cell. Please take the time become familiar with our catalogue to get an idea whether or not your project would be a good fit for us. We are primarily interested in photographic work that explores, documents, critiques the man-made world in some way. We especially like projects that come with text that help to give the overall project context. Please be aware before submitting work that, chances are financial aid will be needed to make the book a reality. This may in the form of a grant, pre-ordered copies or crowdfunding campaigns. Unfortunately this is the reality of the situation – photobooks are quite expensive to make, and market for them is quite small. This is in no means a reflection of the work itself. If we are unable to accept your work, we encourage you to keep trying, and even to consider self-publishing. We have a very narrow focus as a publisher – we see this as our strength – but that doesn’t mean your work isn’t great.

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