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The Gathering Cloud

J. R. Carpenter

ISBN 978 1 910010 15 0


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The Gathering Cloud collates research into the history and language of meteorology with current thinking about data storage and climate change. Archival material from the Met Office Archive and Library in Exeter has been studied and sifted, along with classical, medieval, and Victorian sources, including, in particular, Luke Howard’s classic essay 'On the Modifications of Clouds,' first published in 1803.

This research material is presented as a sequence of texts and images, acting both as a primer to the ideas behind the project and as a document of its movement between formats, from the data centre to the illuminated screen, from the live performance to the printed page. In his foreword media theorist Jussi Parikka describes the work as “a series of material transformations made visible through a media history executed as digital collage and print publication, hendecasyllabic verse, and critical essay”.

With a foreword by Jussi Parikka and an afterword by Lisa Robertson.
Thirty-two photographic illustrations, and seven digital collages.

J. R. Carpenter is an award-winning artist, writer, performer, and independent researcher working in the intersecting fields of performance writing, digital literature, and media archaeology. Her web-based works have been exhibited, published, performed, and presented in journals, galleries, museums, and festivals around the world. She is a Fellow of the Eccles Centre For North American Studies at the British Library and a member of the Scientific Committee of Labex Arts-H2H, University Paris 8. She lives in Plymouth, UK.

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