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Olivier Pin-Fat

ISBN 978-618-83825-2-7


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Meat is primarily about Body-Form, deformation, the flesh, the carnal. How all matter decays, transforms itself from one form to another and ultimately disintegrates into ash. Stacks of bone shards and ash, the human remains after cremation, appear like hotel pillows ready for laundry on a factory line in the morning. Biographies exist, momentarily, within slabs of frying flesh like gristle, fat, nerve or bone whilst the landscape looms outside, this endless city, ever present, howling like a beast to chew you up and spit you out disfigured once more, or swallow you up completely once you emerge from this illusory sanctuary.

‘Meat’ consists of 28 signatures printed in 6 different printing techniques: Offset, Silkscreen, Letterpress, Photocopy, Digital printing, Risograph, using 8 different paper stocks. Each copy of ‘Meat’ will be painfully hand-bound by Void team. Hand-binding 250 copies of a book this complex will last for several months, and each copy will be unique: dated and signed by the person who produced it.

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