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Windfall* Editorial

Based in Glasgow, Started 2020

Windfall* is a quarterly arts publication and digital editorial platform, which is committed to supporting the practice of, and gaining critical, paid exposure for, emerging or underrepresented artists. Windfall* was established during lockdown in 2020 by a team of five, recently graduated, practicing artists and curators. Windfall* editorial exists as a 58-page physical publication - edition run of 300 - which features the practice of 4 establishing artists’ work per issue.

Submission Policy

The Windfall* editorial team of 5, shortlist 2/3 candidates each for an open discussion. The final 4 artists for each issue are unanimously agreed upon from the shortlist. We aim to represent as wide a range of artistic practices and mediums as possible within our final selection. 

As a newly established and voluntarily run project, opening up the selection process to open calls/submissions could have the potential to overwhelm our limited time and energy. However, as the project develops, we hope to incorporate some more experimental and diverse selections processes.

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